Singlet creation for 2023 Boston

Had a blast making these for the upcoming Boston B.A.A. 5K and Full Marathon!! How does that old saying go- If you look good you will feel good? Lets hope that the same goes for looking fast 😎 It’s been a long winter of training. I can’t recall ever running in so much ucky weatherContinue reading “Singlet creation for 2023 Boston”

Another day in a most magical place

Yesterday, I went back to some trail running at Mt Pisgah. The morning started off a little cooler and cloudy. I intended to attempt 2 laps around for a total of 16 miles. Started off feeling pretty good, reserving my effort, as I would need it for miles 4-6, the climbing areas of the loop.Continue reading “Another day in a most magical place”

Another lap around “The Office”

Tonights run felt very easy, maybe having climbed 2000′ in both of yesterdays workouts has given me superpowers? Or maybe while I was sleeping a spider bit me, injecting me with top secret super strength venom….. (one scenario is MUCH more likely the reason). 3rd Option could be the pizza and beer I had forContinue reading “Another lap around “The Office””