Had been a long time….

You know, you can go a long time doing everything “right”, but every now and then, you deserve a “cheat” day. Mine was last night 🙂

I’d finished another lap around Mt Pisgah, my third so far and still had some energy. I’d been curious what the view looked like from the summit, so I decided to take the direct path 1.5 miles up to the summit, a nearly 1000′ climb. (same as my 8 mile lap around the mountain, so I was also wondering if this direct path could be run as a future optional workout. Short answer, hell no! )

So after a day of 11 miles ran and 2000′ of climbing, I decided a pizza was just what I needed. (Along with a cold corona, double cheat when adding alcohol)

We’ll see how the next workout feels now that i’m all “carbed up”!

BTW, here is a few pics from the summit of Mount Pisgah for your viewing pleasure! If you squint real hard you’ll be able to make out the scenery in between all the raindrops Oregon is so famous for…

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