Masters age runner sharing lessons learned.

First and foremost, i’m no expert, even though I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night… What you WILL find within my blog are some of my lessons learned, reviews, likes and dislikes and follow along on my road to my first ever Boston Marathon.

Eugene based, in the heart of the running capital of the world, you will find me. Running the amazing bike paths, along both sides of the beautiful Willamette River, spanning across Eugene and into Springfield. (You guessed it, the home of the Simpsons)

I can also be found trotting all over the local roads and trails.

I started this blog, because I feel I have a lot to contribute to other runners, especially other masters aged like me. I’m willing to try almost anything, allowing you to benefit from all my glorious crash and burn disasters. Eh? OK, so it’s not as if I make THAT many mistakes, being a very logical person, you’ll also get insight into how I use the data to learn and better understand all the “how” and “why” my body does what it does.

I also plan to use this blog as my personal diary leading up to and maybe beyond my running of the 125th Boston Marathon. What I eat, my workouts, what supplements I take…. I intend to be as totally transparent as possible. Nothing will be withheld, good or bad, I’ll journal everything!

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