Another day in a most magical place

Yesterday, I went back to some trail running at Mt Pisgah. The morning started off a little cooler and cloudy. I intended to attempt 2 laps around for a total of 16 miles.

Started off feeling pretty good, reserving my effort, as I would need it for miles 4-6, the climbing areas of the loop.

Finished my first lap and felt so so, not depleted like my first time around here so reserving my effort seemed to have worked, now for another round!

I knew that for the rest of the day’s training, seeing the sun popping out, I wanted to try and document some of the amazing scenery here. I didn’t make it a full second lap, but I did do a nice out and back to take my total miles for the day to 14.5, and nearly 1500′ of climbing. This early in my training for Boston, I was content with this.

Here are some of the pictures I captured from this run, enjoy!

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